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  • Finding every possibility to bring change

    Finding every possibility to bring change

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Welcome to Risen Solar-Tech Private Limited.

The energy of sun has been present since the beginning, is phenomenal, never depleting, non-polluting and free of cost.We Risen Solar Tech Pvt. Ltd. are a young and dynamic group having a history of successful projects. Our aim is to generate energy for future. Built by engineers, Risen Solar Tech is a company with a strong focus on quality and efficiency.

Our highly qualified engineers have been at the forefront of the solar industry in India since its dawn. Risen Solar Tech is not just any other EPC firm. At RIsen Solar tech EPC stands for Ease, Price and Commitment. We execute with ease at the most comfortable price and deliver a commitment durable for a lifetime. It has always been in the front to pass on the price dips to all our clients on a real time basis. we are always a year ahead of the industry.

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